LARPing in the South Island

If you're interested in playing or getting involved in running a LARP in the South Island, feel free to get in touch with the NZLARPS South Island branch secretary at

South Island NZLARPs Facebook page

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Phoenix is an annual LARP convention run in Christchurch in August by SAGA Inc, the University of Canterbury's roleplaying and boardgaming club and NZLARPs affiliate. It is a three day event, with five rounds of three LARPs each, and one 30-40 person flagship LARP on the Saturday night. This year it is being held at the Wapara Adventure Centre in North Canterbury.


SAGA Inc is the University of Canterbury student club for roleplaying and boardgaming, and is an affiliate of NZLARPs. SAGA runs Buckets of Dice on Queen's Birthday weekend every year, a three-to-four day gaming convention which includes a flagship larp and a "grand strategy" that combines LARP with wargaming. They also run regular larps at their smaller conventions throughout the year.

Members of the community have also established a Facebook group, CHCLarp, for planning future events. 



Cerberus is Dunedin's dedicated LARPing convention. It is hosted in April at the Tirohanga campsite, and is fully catered. It consists of five rounds of up to three LARPs each, and one 30-40 person flagship LARP on the Saturday night.Check out its webpage or Facebook group for more information. The next Cerberus will happen in 2020.

Fate / Clocktower

Fate / Clocktower is a monthly campaign larp of Victorian wizardry at the height of the British Empire. For information check out the Fate / Clocktower blog, or the campaign's Facebook group.


The Otago University Roleplaying Society (OURS) runs multiple small conventions throughout the year, each of which features a LARP. They also support a campaign, which changes annually. In past years they have run World of Darkness games such as Changeling, Werewolf, and Hunter. In 2017 they will be running a classic Vampire: the Masquerade game. Games in Dunedin tend to be seasonal, since the majority of players are university students who leave the city over the Christmas break.