If you're new to larp, or have never larped before but after reading the site you've decided you want to come along and give it a go, there are always plenty of games being run that you can try. Let the game masters know you're new to larp, and they'll team you up with experienced larpers who can help you get started in this vibrant hobby.

Londinium Rising 1: The Groundling's Feast

  • Game master contact: Nik Crombie
  • Date: Saturday 15 February 2020
  • Time: 1:00pm start
  • Cost: $40, $30 for NZLARPS / SAGA / VUWGC members and new larpers, $25 crew
  • Location:Petone Community House, 6 Britannia St, Petone, WELLINGTON


Welcome to Skintgate! Honourable Sirrahs and dishonourable knaves alike have attended the dramatic start to the festival known as the “Groundling’s Feast” in which the notables of Skintgate have announced their very own Monarch.

Queenie Mackarel’s “crowning” is to happen at the monastery of Saint Dismas, after everyone’s had a few drinks and done some business. Not everyone’s happy with Queenie’s ascendancy (second year running) but any bad feeling can be either smoothed over or taken out back and for the feast Mistress Kraye has waived the usual “disposal” fee for getting rid of people who’ve made a bit too merry.

The Groundling’s Feast is widely regarded as the start of the Skintgate year: many inhabitants find themselves making resolutions.

Everyone has grudges to settle. Or fortunes to make. Or true loves to find. Or skills to master. Or plays to write and perform. And so on.

So ask yourself, dearest friend: What can I achieve in a year?

Londinium Rising is a larp campaign set in the city of Londinium, during the reign of the “Merry Monarch” Carys I; not unlike the Elizabethan period of our own time. The majority of the campaign will take place in the district of Skintgate, the insalubrious area of the city that includes theatres, brothels, fighting pits, and taverns. This is not Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings; Londinium Rising takes inspiration from Black Sails, Taboo, and Fallen London.

You play the underclass; tavern workers, actors, petty merchants, poor scholars, blacksmiths, and a variety of other professions. Crime, witchcraft, religious strife, and plague: life can be short in Skintgate, but it'll never be boring.

Further information can be found here, or on the campaign's Facebook group.


This is an eight-hour game, with player-created characters. Combat will be handled abstractly. Dinner will be provided.


Elizabethan, Tudor, or Medieval.

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Blood in the Furrows

  • Game master contact: Morgan Atkins
  • Date: Friday 19 June 2020 - Sunday 21 June 2020
  • Time: Setup Friday afternoon, end Sunday afternoon
  • Cost: Players $140, crew $70, with a $10 discount for NZLARPS members
  • Location: Brookfields Scout Camp, 562 Moores Valley Rd, Wainuiomata, WELLINGTON


Although the war never came to this part of England, it has left its scars in other ways. Continued austerity means that the ration book is always on the mind, while the photograph in the parlour of a lost son or father gathers dust.

Yet there is still cause to celebrate, even during these hard times. This season’s harvest has reaped unprecedented bounty, and Grankirk is putting more effort than ever into its annual village fete. These festivities have drawn much attention from those outside the village, and many strangers have been seen arriving at the Stag’s Head pub, looking to find out what’s going on.

On the village outskirts, the dense forest sits cautiously silent in the early morning fog. The valley walls throw long shadows across the village green, where the darkened grass has been kissed with faintest frost. The air bites with the icy promise of an early winter.

"Blood in the Furrows" will be a folk horror LARP set in a sleepy rural village in 1950s England. It is being designed as a one-off weekend event, and will probably feature apple-bobbing and the burning of at least one effigy. An expectations document is here. Further information can be found in the game's Facebook group or in the Facebook event.


A one-off, weekend long event. Players will design their own characters to fit the setting. Crew will play a variety of roles throughout the weekend. The event is fully catered, and accommodation is provided.


1950's rural, but could be weird

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