Larping in Auckland

If you live in the Auckland region and are keen to try out live action roleplaying, you're in luck! Auckland has a very active and varied larp calendar that eagerly welcomes new larpers.

See the nzLarps Auckland page for an up-to-date events listing.

Live Combat Campaigns

A series of events based on one setting using one set of rules and usually with a recurring cast of characters is called a campaign. The campaigns listed here are all live action combat campaigns, which means that if there is a combat encounter, it is resolved by participants engaging in combat using larp-safe weapons (in contrast to games where combat is resolved through paper scissors rock or card draws.) Campaigns of this nature usually last several years, and newcomers are welcome at any point in the campaign's story arch. Participants choose between being players ('player characters' or PCs) or crew members ('non-player characters' or NPCs.) Participants who choose to be players write their own character for the setting, guided by the game's official setting and rulebook, usually in consultation with the game organisers. They provide their own costuming and play as these characters from the start of an event until the end of an event (or until the character becomes unplayable) The role of the crew is to play a wide variety of characters in a single event under the game master's guidance, to help bring the world of the game to life.

Weekend events in campaigns typically begin on Friday night and last until early Sunday afternoon. With everything including food and accommodation being in-character for the duration of the event, every weekend game is a fun experience in immersing yourself into a fantasy world for a whole weekend. Don't let the prospect of a weekend sound too daunting, there is lots of support for new larpers. Many campaigns also run day events, which last for anywhere between several hours in an afternoon or evening, to a whole day.

Hogwarts LARP is a Harry Potter inspired roleplaying campaign, filled with magical intrigue and teen hijinks. There is an option to play both a student or teacher at the esteemed Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizard, 20 years after the famous battle of Hogwarts. Players have fun going to wizarding classes, getting up to mischief, exploring the Forbidden forest, and fending off strange creatures. Hogwarts LARP is run as a series of sessions over a weekend every 3 months (the format of 3 "watches" over 2 days) in an accessible Auckland location, and is perfect for newcomers who want to try out larp in a much loved setting. To find out more information you can visit the website or join the discussion on the Facebook group.

Saga is due to start in early 2018. Saga is a Fantasy LARP inspired by Norse culture, based in Auckland, New Zealand. See the Saga website for more details. 

Exile is a brand new fantasy LARP campaign inspired by Fairy Tales, Avalonian myth and Tales of Arabian Nights. Visit the Facebook page for details.

Monthly World of Darkness Games

Right now, there are three campaigns in Auckland which run on one regular evening a month. They are all based on the World of Darkness setting and rules published by the major gaming company, White Wolf. These games do not feature any live combat and instead resolve all actions through abstract resolution, usually by drawing cards or engaging in a paper-scissors-rock challenge. All three campaigns are set in a darker, more grim version of modern day Auckland. Typically, all participants in White Wolf campaigns play their own characters and there are no crew members, though Fates Unbound has a rich cast of non-player characters that can be played on request.

The Phoenix Rising is a Vampire game that runs on the second Saturday evening each month at the the Auckland Horticultural Council building at 990 Great North Rd, Western Springs, Auckland 1022. The game lasts from 6.30pm-10pm. The setting is White Wolf's old World of Darkness, and specifically, the Vampire: the Masquerade system. This is Auckland's longest running larp campaign, where characters are a secret society of vampires that fight external threats, and vie politically against each other against the backdrop of a global setting. To get involved, contact the story tellers, Chris and Kirsten.

Werewolves of London is a Werewolf the Forsaken Larp, run monthly in Auckland, using the World of Darkness system & setting. The cost is $5 per month, with minimal costume requirements, and lots of new and young larpers. This game is actively accepting and seeking new players. More information is available on the Facebook group.

One-off Events and Conventions

Auckland regularly runs one-off theatreform events, including reruns of popular games from Chimera, Wellington or events run by overseas visitors. Theatreform games typically provide participants with a pre-written character instead of asking players to write their own. Larp events are also run at gaming conventions put together by the University of Auckland's roleplaying club, AMERICA. Their annual conventions Battlecry (February) and America's Cup (July) usually include at least one major larping event. To keep up with what's coming up in Auckland, keep an eye on the NZLARPS webpage or the Auckland forum on Diatribe.